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THE HYPERMOI David Guez http://www.guez.org Introduction The Hypermoi sets the hypothesis of the existence of a 'numerical ego' linked up to the internet network. This special ego would be a construction linked to our more and more 'emotional' and 'intens ...

THE HYPERMOI David Guez http://www.guez.org Introduction The Hypermoi sets the hypothesis of the existence of a 'numerical ego' linked up to the internet network. This special ego would be a construction linked to our more and more 'emotional' and 'intensive' Web practice and of its associated technologies. Beyond its primary uses (malls, informative navigation, purchases, participative uses ...), the network becomes a more and more pregnant speaker and changes in a slow but certain manner our systems of representations as well as our manners of translating our affects and our relations to the other, and consequently, to ourselves. To daily practice of a utilitarian type could juxtapose itself to a more psychological practice in which the network would be the true receiver and transmitter of our emotions. Advertising has been the first to involve itself in the analysis of these phenomena and has resorts to the use of these powerful tools that generate a more faithful portrait of the potential buyer that we become inevitably as a Web “surfer”. To take the current most significant example, the Gmail service of Google offers an email box of gigantic capacity that allows archiving of all one’s correspondence and this, in exchange for an advertising very fine analysis of its content. Facing these statistic practices that hardly surpass the relative and dangerous poverty of their commercial goals, it is essential to imagine procedures and objects that allows the management of one’s own mental mapping then the creation of exchange conditions and division of these 'ego map'. The gait presented here is artistic; it is the continuation of the 2067, e-mail towards the future project - http://2067.Hypermoi.net - that introduced the idea that the network is the intermediary actor of a mental relation in time between two persons. These projects have not any scientific pretension but they wish to propose some new responses, notably on the representations of the complex man/machine/network with the ambition to surpass the reducing forms of inter-exchange participating around centralized websites (cf the web2.0). The Hypermoi project proposes to define this mapping of the ego and to construct, previously, the tools allowing this "ego-picture network» (SELF DUMP) set up. Internet would play here this impalpable spatial and discreet role that absorbs to our scale and fashions message after message the flowchart of our Hypermoi. The network would become an intermediary zone, a go-between, a space of connections and of liaisons between the body of the Hypermoi and would be able to generate a rather representative picture of everyone, and become in the end, a dynamic actor of these anthropic mirrors. Inject the elements of ourselves (our ego) on the network questions also the becoming of this intimate memory that has become numerical; this later here would escape our functioning (the abstract out of oneself – Le HORS SOI ABSTRAIT) and would have its own existence: stocked, analyzed, balanced, mixed or exchanged according to our choice of actions and according to automated procedures (the figurative out of oneself - LE HORS SOI FIGURATIF). Questions Which is the typologie of this "ego network" and of its associated contents? Which is the interface that would allow anyone to deposit his representation of the intimate? How to organize this content? How to stock it? And how to decide of the degree of intervention of the machine? How can one be certain of the control of everyone on the mental thus doubled picture of his memory? Which are the conditions that allow the emergence of a networked collective memory, or again of a dynamic memory, product of the exchange of several Hypermoi? The Hypermoi of desires and memories The first step of this project consists in the definition of the Hypermoi, that is to say to find its architecture and typology for how can the image of the self be completed and distributed in the network if this image is matter empty? The remembrance/desire couple would be the first framework constituting the Hypermoi. Thus, a user could send a report of a memory or of a desire in the network in view of its storage/treatment and this under the form of a text relating a lived or fantasized event (One should note in passing the temporal associated notion, that is to say the fact that a memory is an element of the past and that desire is a 'potential' element of the future). E-mail@Hypermoi The question of the interface is essential for it asks the question of the usability and effectiveness of the project. As a user, if I must furnish matter to my Hypermoi (therefore desires and memories) and this, daily, I want to do it in an evident way and in the continuity of the computer tools that I use frequently. The e-mail is this ideal candidate of interface. Thus, by sending an e-mail to the network, the user simply deposits the content of a desire or a memory in his Hypermoi. Forms of Hypermoi A Hypermoi is the sum of the souvenirs and desires that compose it. Of this flat form, photographic sort of data based report of our intimate memory, it will be possible to define requests on one or several Hypermoi, in the manner of a search engine.. For example, I want to be able to ask my Hypermoi to post the entirety of the events that 'JOHN' and 'PAUL' have in their content, or again to post the arborescence of the links between all the persons that compose a part of my Hypermoi. Then it will be possible to create temporal cards, look for other Hypermois of which the identification figures in the basis of my memories etc etc... Thus, of this flat form, dynamic forms will emerge, fruit of the requests of the users and passages between several Hypermois. Storage This matter must be classified and stocked in order to exist as digital matter.Two contemporary storage views are existing: either the one of a centralized data basis on a main server, or the one of a divided network in which every machine individually becomes storage knot in this network: The P2P or Peer to Peer. The main interest of the second method holds in its very nature; of the fact that each machines divides a part of its hard disc, a same file can find itself duplicated on several hundreds of machines and be put at the disposal of the other members of the pair to pair network. I think that the option consisting in the redistribution of the content of a Hypermoi in a P2P network is the best one, as much on the symbolic level as on the physical one. In fact, it seems important to me to imagine that our Hypermoi can be propagated and duplicated from computer to computer and that it can coexist with the body of the other Hypermoi within all the machines, including ours. This principle relates back to a responsibility notion of the other as well as to the impossibility of existing without the other. Our 'ego network' would be then a sort of digital cut Hypercorps (the English term is the hashing) and restored according to a specific request. It would also be difficult to destroy since it would be necessary to destroy all the machines accommodating it. Conclusion The first step of this project sets the constitution bases of the Hypermoi. In a simple and functional way, a user will have the possibility to deposit its desires/souvenirs through an e-mail sent to its Hypermoi to create in the end a true mapping of his digital ego. Stocked and propagated in a perennial and equitable manner through a peer to peer network, these Hypermoi will be able to be the object of research/requests/treatments that will model in an original manner the triptych gathering MAN, MACHINES AND THE NETWORK. HYPERMOI - JUNE 2011 A main interface as a tchat dialog box. These dialog box is the open window to your hypermoi. With a natural language exchanging questions/answers, you can : > Elaborate day after day you own hypermoi by creating an amazing and truly numerical double of yourself. > Adding datas, memories, thoughts and predictions connected to your own life timeline. > Open your hypermoi to others hypermoi to let your avatar living indefinitely thru the network. > Communicate with famous hypermois from the past and then access to a new way to learn history. OBJECTS Question Generals question : Do you believe in god ? Daily question : how are you today ? Private question : Is my poor memory linked to my father's job? Memory : Past events, far or near in time -> building my own timeline. Desire or prediction : I wish, I want, I would, it could be, IF... Thought : I think, I'm thinking... Raw Datas (multimédias, import : tweets, e-mails, other tchats...). These datas can be tagged and added to an answer or a memory/thought. They are a kind of witness element. All theses objects can be added with tags (see a example of list) ;General questions are in a mutual database then all new question from an hypermoi is added in the mutual general question database and therefore can be asked to others hypermoi. The idea that you can answer in an different way to one question in time.(evolution from an hypermoi). CONNECTIONS TCHAT Exchanging with : A public coach : An operator from the company. A private coach : A friend, family... A computer coach : The A.I from hypermoi. Yourself : you do the questions and the answers. Possible to add multimedias item and tags. Simulation : ask questions and see answers. Then you can correct them. Command line : add elements by a command line box with natural language writing Graphical easy keywords and sentence builting add Ways to open you hypermoi Term : For a period of time (agenda). To who ? : to one person, a specific list or for everybody. How : Downloading an hypermoi into an object (a robot). Access to the hypermoi from a vocal phone, an smartphone appli, from others web2 appli (tchat facebook,ebuddy,..) Mode Matching : connect 2 hypermois, showing the matchs. Showing the hypermoi. Stats, Graph (temporal, data-mining,...). Showing the raw database in spreadsheet mode to eaysily add/change an hypermoi. Others Thinking hypermoi as a new way to learn. Hypermoi of famous people. Hypermoi linked to a group (like fan group) TAGS example Parisperes populaireswilliam dyson14/06/2011rencontre discussion autour de projets potentiels, manger sandwichhttp://hypermoi.net/davidguez002/photos/perepop14062001.jpg List of tags or