You are invited to contribute your own unrealized projects to AUP’s growing archive. Contributions can include text (DOC) and image files (two JPEGs or PDFs up to 2MB each). Please fill out the form fully and tag the project accordingly. Once completed, your project will be submitted for approval.

Ruderaltisch, 1994/95 Kunst am Bau - Projekt - Lois Weinberger

The be seen to be believed - Jonathan Monk

Ceinture - Huang Ping Yong

Monument with Rust - Gustav Metzger

PROPOSALl + VOORSTEL - Guillame Bijl

Placid Earth: A Project for the Meeting of Millennia - Cai Guo Quiang

Uncompleted 1966 - and on  - John Armleder

"Free Space" - Michelangelo Pistoletto

Battery Park City - Per Kirkeby

Financial Times Millennium Bridge Competition - Richard Serra and Frank Gehry

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