You are invited to contribute your own unrealized projects to AUP’s growing archive. Contributions can include text (DOC) and image files (two JPEGs or PDFs up to 2MB each). Please fill out the form fully and tag the project accordingly. Once completed, your project will be submitted for approval.

Eislandschaft - P. Fischli und D. Weiss

Niemandsland - Hans Haacke

Temple of the western buddha (1971 Kathmedu) - Herman de Vries

Cruzeiro Do Sul, (Southern Cross) (Crucero del Sur) 1969-70* - Cildo Meireles

Entwurf für einen erneuerten Malkasten 1992 - 1994 - Ulrike Holthöfer

Billboard - Jimmie Durham

Art and Ourselves: A Proposal for the city of Nordhorn - Allen Rupperssberg

Memorial - Ilya Kabakov

The bridge according to Jeong-a's dream - Koo Jeong

Brücke Wein-Kanal Arch. Hermann Czech, Wein - Franz West

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